Cleveland Multiport Catheter

A 510(k) cleared delivery device to address the therapeutic challenge.



Key Features

  • 510(k) Cleared
  • Delivery via four independent, flexible micro-catheters
  • Proprietary anti-backflow design
  • Applicable within any operating room (OR) with use of conventional neuronavigation
  • Ability to remain in place and be used for multiple days (enabling large distribution volumes)
  • Removable at bedside


Facts & Figures

Catheter: Length 14 cm; 2.5 mm diameter
Microcatheters: Four .38 mm diameter
Connectors: Four Male Luer
Overall Length including Stylet: 22.2 cm
Overall Length without Stylet: 19.3 cm
Extended Length: 18.5 cm (catheter tip to back of housing)
Relaxed Length: 17.3 cm (catheter tip to back of housing)

Silicone Catheter
Teflon Microcatheters
Thermoplastic Housing and Luers
MRI Compatible Stainless Steel Stylet
Silicone Suture Tab

US Patents #8,808,234, #8,979,822

Notes: The Cleveland Multiport Catheter is an investigational device and can be used only in the setting of an FDA-approved clinical trial. The purpose of this website is only to obtain investigators and not to make the device generally available.

Who we are

Founded in 2012, infuseon therapeutics, inc. enables reliable therapeutic delivery to the brain via the patented Cleveland Multiport Catheter™ (CMC) system.

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infuseon therapeutics is currently seeking academic and clinical partners for studies using the Cleveland Multiport Catheter™. 

Industry Partners

infuseon therapeutics is currently seeking industry partners interested in establishing strategic partnerships to deploy their agents using the Cleveland Multiport Catheter™.  Interested parties should contact Neema Mayhugh, PhD at: